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What if my dog loses interest in their food?

By Melissa Grasso

Whether you feed dry or wet, your dog may just be a picky eater and need a little boost to help them eat! Here are a few suggestions to help rev up your dog’s appetite:

  • Add some warm water to their kibble

  • Feed at consistent times

  • Don't overfeed, or let them graze- as this can lessen their appetite.

  • Try switching their food- try each food for at least a week before switching again. Be sure to transition them correctly when switching.

You can also make mealtime fun! Turn feedings into a game, or use this opportunity to train your dog. It's best not to add things to their food,especially if you are training them, as they can lose value in their rewards or become picky.

Keep in mind that loss of appetite can happen with change is one of the most common signs of illness, so if your dog hasn’t eaten for 3 or more days, then it’s best to call your vet to rule out any underlying issues.

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