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All the options! Which treat is best?

Choosing your training treats

By Raina Townson

Choosing the right treats for your puppy is crucial when it come to training. Using the puppy’s kibble is a convenient “treat” to use as a reward during training, but sometimes you need something of higher value when you are working with distractions and other advancements.

You want to make sure the treats keep your dog motivated enough to learn and focus on you, rather than all of the other things that might be going on around you. Some of the best treats to train with are typically soft, small, and strong smelling. Soft and small treats allow you to feed the puppy quickly during repetitions and also allow you to easily jackpot the puppy when they have earned a big reward.

Keeping the treats small also ensures that your pup is not getting full too quickly. Treats with a strong aroma will keep your puppy interested and focused on you. Some great training treats to use are hot dogs or pieces of chicken cut up into small pieces, freeze dried meats or other packaged treats from the store.

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