Here’s What They’re Saying


Coreena at ReviveK9 literally saved my entire world. Iv had dogs my whole life and thought of myself as a responsible and well versed handler... that is until I met LUke. My 2 year old Doberman Luke was incredibly neurotic, he constantly cried, wined, paced around, barked, nipped at me, and was destructive. So much so that my husband was ready to give him up and I was beginning to think the unthinkable was my only option. In other words it was ether the dog my sanity or my family. 
Coreena was immediately able to see that Luke needed purpose. He needed to be worked and to be mentally stimulated. 
Every time he cried or nipped at me he was trying to work me. 
Today he is my pride and joy! I am finally able to sit down and relax in my own home without being bullied around by my 80 lb Doberman. She gave me all the tools, tips, & tricks I needed to have a successful transition to everyday life. 
I knew I wasn’t providing Luke what he needed and ReviveK9 knew exactly how to change that. They even ensured that my other dogs would be ready to welcome Luke and the new rules back into the pack. 
I’m forever grateful. 
-Thalia and Luke