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Coreena Breazeale


Introducing Coreena, the visionary founder and lead dog trainer of ReviveK9, whose lifelong dedication to animals has shaped a remarkable journey from the ranches of Oregon to the service of the US Coast Guard and, ultimately, to the realm of professional dog training.

Growing up on her grandparents' ranch, Coreena's childhood was steeped in the world of animals, fostering an early connection that would define her life's calling. Volunteer work at a local animal hospital solidified her passion, leading her to aspire to become a veterinarian.

However, fate had a different plan.

After joining the US Coast Guard with aspirations of blending her love for photography with military service, an unforeseen injury altered Coreena's course. During challenging times, her unit introduced her to the Station Mascot, Gibbet, a pivotal presence that reignited her passion for animals. Amidst the demanding responsibilities of a Search and Rescue Unit, Gibbet became a beacon of joy on dark days, reminding Coreena of the profound impact animals can have.

Inspired by this newfound calling, Coreena delved into service animal work, volunteering with organizations dedicated to training service dogs. The experience ignited a passion for dog training that she couldn't ignore. While attending college, Coreena seized an opportunity to become a Professional Dog Trainer, marking a transformative chapter in her life.

Immersing herself in the world of dog training, Coreena became a voracious learner, devouring books, podcasts, audiobooks, and engaging in forums to deepen her understanding of all facets of canine behavior. Years of dedication, coupled with invaluable experiences working alongside talented trainers, led to the birth of ReviveK9.

ReviveK9, under Coreena's guidance, stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. From her roots on a ranch to the coast guard and now as the driving force behind ReviveK9, Coreena's journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication in the pursuit of a lifelong calling.


About : Testimonials

Catey Cuesta

Pensacola Lead Trainer

Reactivity and Aggression Specialist

Catey Cuesta's illustrious journey in the world of animal care began in Memphis, TN, where her early passion for all creatures led her family to foster for the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County during her high school years. Transitioning from fostering to a professional role as a kennel tech, Cuesta faced firsthand the behavioral challenges that dogs encountered at the shelter, focusing on injured and abused animals. Unfazed by the difficulties, she took the initiative to establish a comprehensive training program, tailored to address each dog's specific needs, resulting in the resolution of numerous behavioral issues before these dogs found their forever homes.

Growing up with a Catahoula Shepherd mix named Ty, Catey learned the art of training alongside her father, establishing a strong foundation in understanding canine behavior. Later, she continued her dedication to animal welfare by fostering and working at the Humane Society of Memphis, where her focus remained on rehabilitating injured and abused animals.

Relocating to Oxford, MS, Cuesta pursued a degree in Psychology while managing roles at a local animal hospital, eventually ascending to the position of Resort Coordinator. Here, she showcased her expertise in fostering positive interactions among diverse canine personalities, overseeing a facility that accommodated non-dog-friendly dogs in its daycare.

A pivotal moment in Catey's life occurred when she faced personal challenges, leading her to prioritize her mental health and resilience. This transformative experience fueled her commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

After graduating from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor's in Applied Science of Psychology in 2020, Cuesta continued her dedication to animal welfare by working at the local animal shelter. Her advocacy for justice within the organization led to positive changes, including the closure of the shelter, creating space for reform.

Catey's profound connection with dogs continued with the addition of Zami, a dog she obtained at the age of 18. Zami became an integral part of her life, symbolizing resilience, companionship, and joy through various milestones. Catey's love for Zami further fueled her commitment to enhancing the lives of shelter dogs.

Her passion for dog training and welfare led Cuesta to Pensacola, FL, where she collaborated with Dog's Playing for Life, receiving formal training in rehabilitating dogs with severe behavioral issues. Eager to contribute to the community, Catey joined ReviveK9, where her dedication and expertise have not only saved numerous canine lives but also played a crucial role in shaping training programs for dogs and new trainers alike.

As an invaluable member of the ReviveK9 team, Catey's commitment equips dog owners with the tools necessary for a joyful life alongside their canine companions. Thrilled to have her as an integral part of the team, ReviveK9 recognizes Catey Cuesta as a professional canine advocate and accomplished dog trainer, contributing significantly to the welfare of dogs and their owners.


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Tyler Pagnoni

Tampa Bay Trainer

With nine years of experience owning and operating the Tampa franchise of Dog Wizard, Tyler Pagnoni's journey into dog training was influenced by family dogs during his youth. The passing of his father served as a catalyst, prompting him to leave his job and pursue his dream of working with dogs.

Tyler's high school experience training family dogs demonstrated the joy of the craft, and after a period of factory work, he discovered The Dog Wizard through family friends. This discovery led him to relocate and embark on a new chapter in his life.

Each of Tyler's dogs holds a unique place in his heart, with Molly standing out for her contributions to behavior modification and rehabilitation. His dedication to continuous improvement in his craft is evident in his goals to attend more training seminars, enhance communication skills between dogs and humans, and explore specific activities like dock diving and scent work.

Beyond the professional realm, Tyler seeks a balance between work and leisure, aiming to engage more in activities with his own dogs. His overarching goal in dog training is to help keep dogs in their homes, enrich their lives, and motivate owners to go beyond routine care. Encouraging families to provide engaging activities for their pets and fostering proper advocacy for them brings Tyler fulfillment.

His advice to fellow trainers emphasizes maintaining an open mindset, being willing to experiment, and continuously seeking new knowledge through seminars, articles, and shadowing experienced trainers. Tyler underscores the importance of adapting teaching styles to cater to clients' learning preferences and encourages flexibility in problem-solving.

About : Testimonials


About : Testimonials

Moriah Smith

Service Dog Trainer

Moriah Brooks embarked on her journey in service dog training at the age of 10, inspired by her sister life-altering scoliosis surgery. Witnessing her sister's struggle with mobility, Moriah was determined to learn how to train a service dog to restore some of her sister's independence. This early experience ignited a lifelong passion for service dog training.

Growing up on a farm, Moriah honed her skills by training her family's herding dogs alongside her grandfather. Observing her grandfather's compassionate and committed approach to training horses and dogs, even those deemed unredeemable by others, instilled in Moriah the values of love and dedication.

At 15, Moriah began interning with a local dog trainer, gaining expertise in obedience, search and rescue, police K9, and service tasks. Her heart dog, Sprocket, a mini Aussie, played a pivotal role in Moriah's development as a trainer, teaching her the responsibilities and intricacies of the role.

Moriah's goal is to revolutionize the service dog industry, challenging existing laws and stigmas. She aims to enhance legal protection for genuine service dogs and their handlers, establishing higher standards for service dog trainers. Moriah is committed to educating businesses and communities on ADA laws, fostering a better understanding of disabilities and the ways in which dogs can mitigate them.

Looking ahead, Moriah envisions leaving a legacy of improved ADA laws, innovative trained tasks to assist handlers, and a heightened awareness of disabilities and their intersections with canine companionship. Her advice to fellow trainers emphasizes adaptability, honesty, and a profound understanding of the unique dynamics between each dog and handler.

Beyond her work, Moriah's strong faith is a guiding force, with core values rooted in loving others as Christ loves them and approaching everything as an offering unto the Lord. As a trusted advisor in the realm of service dog training, Moriah strives to be worthy of the trust placed in her, recognizing that she holds the key to the independence and safety of those she serves.


About : Testimonials

Jessica Johnson

Behavior Specialist

In 2015, Jessica Johnson embarked on her journey in the world of animal care through a work-study program at her local shelter. Her affinity for the "troubled" dogs, combined with hours spent making them more approachable outside their kennels, laid the foundation for her dedication to the welfare of these animals. Following graduation, she assumed the role of Dog Intake Supervisor at a different facility, where she handled dogs from unknown origins, addressing their basic medical and behavioral needs. Jessica's commitment extended to creating playgroups in the shelter environment, assisting with dog training classes, and refining her skills with the more challenging canine cases.

Her career progressed to Dogs Playing for Life, where Jessica ascended to the Lead Trainer/Education Manager position. Collaborating with a team, she focused on behaviorally modifying dogs at risk of euthanasia in shelter environments, often dealing with dogs with bite histories or fighting backgrounds. In this role, she also mentored and educated shadow students from across the country, imparting valuable handling and training skills to enhance the lives of animals in their care.

Jessica's journey began in a challenging setting, working at a shelter that faced the grim reality of euthanasia for certain dogs based on factors like color or presentation. Despite the emotional stress, she remained steadfast in her commitment to providing the best care for these animals during their final moments.

Growing up surrounded by dogs, Jessica's heart dog, Zeus, holds a special place in her life. Acquiring him as a shy and fearful puppy, their bond developed over time, overcoming challenges and hardships. Zeus recently passed away from cancer, leaving a profound impact on Jessica's life.

Fueling her passion for training and education, Jessica aspires to spread knowledge to aspiring dog trainers. She envisions a future where trainers make a significant impact not only in homes but also in shelter environments. Her message emphasizes that all dogs matter, and she encourages fellow trainers to lend their expertise to those who may be overlooked.

In her pursuit of continuous learning and growth, Jessica advocates for an open-minded approach to training. Acknowledging the diversity of dogs and their individual needs, she emphasizes the importance of understanding various techniques and building a versatile toolkit for success in the ever-evolving field of canine training. Jessica Johnson's professionalism, compassion, and dedication make her a significant asset to the world of canine welfare and training.


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