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Pensacola Lead Trainer

 Reactivity and Aggression Specialist

Catey Cuesta grew in Memphis, TN where she discovered her love of all animals from a very early age. Throughout high school, her family fostered for the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County until she graduated, she began her professional career for HSMSC as a kennel tech. In this position Cuesta saw a vast number of behavioral issues in dogs due to this Humane Society’s mission of specializing in injured and abused animals. She took lead of installing a training program in the shelter, making sure each dog had a program to follow specific to its needs. This program was followed by employees and staff alike, resulting in many behavioral issues being resolved before the dogs entered homes.

Cuesta relocated to Oxford, MS to continue pursuing a degree in Psychology where she began work at a local animal hospital. Working her way up to Resort Coordinator she oversaw doggie daycare and boarding. This facility was the only daycare in Oxford that accepts non-dog friendly dogs, she was successful in finding every dog at least one friend! Cuesta’s involvement with local dogs continued when she pet sat for dogs with behavioral issues, offered private training sessions, and fostered for the local shelter. 

After graduating the University of Mississippi in 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Applied Science of Psychology, she began working at the local animal shelter. After a couple months of employment, Cuesta along with several past and current employees, began speaking out about the injustices happening within the shelter. After exposing the board and director, the shelter was shut down making room for changes and a new shelter.

Cuesta has now relocated again right here to Pensacola, FL! Since her time in Florida, she has worked with an organization called Dog’s Playing for Life, where she received intense formal training on rehabilitating dogs with severe behavioral issues through a strict training program and behavior modification.  When she decided it was time to plant roots and stop traveling to spend time with her family, she reached out to us at ReviveK9. 

We are so thrilled to have her join our team and has quickly become a huge asset in developing our training programs for both dogs and our new trainers, she has already saved many lives of dogs and have supplied our dog owners with the tools needed for a happy life with their dog. 

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Pensacola Obedience Specialist

Maria Madey grew up in Addison, IL where she always found a way to have animals involved in her life. From a young age she would visit shelters, farms, and watch service dog/working dog trainers on youtube or in movies!

She convinced her family to be a short term foster from a local shelter as they weren't able to adopt dogs or cats due to allergies in the family and the rest was history!

She then moved down to Pensacola, FL where she transferred to UWF to pursue a degree in Marine Biology. She found a job at the Pensacola Humane society that fulfilled her need of helping and caring for dogs and cats, and would also help train them to do simple commands on her off time. 

Four months after moving to Pensacola she got her first dog, Oliver, a Neapolitan Mastiff, who really pushed her into getting to know more about dog training due to his size and known stubbornness of the breed. Ever since then she discovered a passion for dog training and hasn't stopped wanting to know more!

The ReviveK9 team is lucky to have her as her passion for training will take her far.

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Sales Manager

Michele Sjostrom was born and raised in Oregon, throughout her life she has had a handful of heart dogs that really made an impact on her life but had made a decision to be dog free. That is until Revive had Nash the Giant Schnauzer/Poodle surrendered to us and from the first meeting she knew he had to be hers!
They are now living the Florida beach life together and loving every minute side by side!

Michele has been in sales her entire career and when help was needed by Revive’s owner (who is also Michele’s daughter) she jumped in with both feet. 
She has since been a shining star to the team and allows the trainers time to focus on training. She is the voice of our company and is an excellent resource for our training inquiries. 
When you schedule a Phone Consultation Michele is who you will be connected to, she will take care of you and provide the answers to your training needs.

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