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Food Bowl Routine

By Melissa Grasso

Does your dog wake you up in the mornings, licking your face, letting you know that it is time for breakfast? You then know that you have to drag yourself out of bed because that's the only way they will leave you alone! So you go to get the food poured into your dog’s bowl, Meanwhile your dog is jumping, going crazy because they know that they are about to get their food! They're so excited and hungry that they are knocking the bowl out of your hand and eating the food while it is pouring into the bowl! Now there is a mess and crazy dogs all over the place!

Ok, now picture this- you wake up, go down to feed your dogs and they are nicely settled in their bed waiting for you to pour them their meal. You then pour the food into their bowls and set it down and give them permission to go to their bowls to eat! Sounds amazing and a lot less stressful right?! Well here are some pointers on how to make this happen!

  1. Put your dog in a place command- whether it be in their kennel, on their beds, or even a spot nearby you, but not too close to where you are preparing their food.

  2. Prepare their food and set the bowl down. Have your dog wait until you have finished preparing their meal.

  3. Once you are ready for them to eat, put their bowls down and release your dog to their bowl.

  4. Give your dog about 10 to 15 minutes to eat. If they have not finished their food, pick it up & save it for their next meal.

The last step is important when trying to create structure and work on training. Dogs won't starve themselves, so don't worry, they will learn quickly!

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