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We help dog owners achieve the relationship they have always wanted with their dog.

Sarasota, FL

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Join the Life!

While each of our training programs do start from the beginning and show you and your dog how to achieve your goals, it doesn't end at graduation. We want to accomplish and create new goals through continued training by applying socialization, group sessions, new environments and distractions. 

Each of our program options is a stepping stone into the ReviveK9 life, to ReviveK9 Dog Training Social Club. Each month we hold group sessions doing different types of events, (pack walks, off leash play, social hours, etc.) This way owners and dogs have the opportunity to continue putting their new found life into action, they are able to reinforce training and get to a place in training they never dreamed of!



Learn Alongside Your Dog

Over an 8 week period we will meet for a series of 8 1-hour long private lessons, this is beneficial for dogs who need/want more training than just basic commands. Behavior modification, reactivity and aggression would do wonderfully with this program. We will promote engagement during training and how to keep your dogs focus on you, as we progress through your program we will work on obedience commands and eventually real life application of training.
If your pup is under 5 months we will include one or two puppy sessions to ensure puppy raising is going as smoothly as possible!



We Build the Foundation for You

We welcome dogs over 5 months old that need new life brought to their obedience, behaviors and manners. During their 30 day stay, they will live in our home as a family member, our goal is to achieve reliability in basic obedience and bring new manners to everyday life. Over the course of training we will train the dog and then upon transition back into their home we will train the owner how to reinforce and continue progress forward. Our programs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the dog and we will do complementary refresher lessons on basic obedience commands.
The following 30 day transition back into your home will include additional lessons as needed



In-home Training

This hybrid program offers the Board and Train level of training with the convenience of lessons since you never have to leave your dog.

This program includes two weeks of sessions in your home (5 days a week) where one of our trainers will come to your home to train for a 1-hour session each day. These two weeks will be followed by 5 sessions that follow the traditional lesson schedule of one session per week. 

Schedule: Week one and two in home followed by five lessons with owner and dog. 

We do require owners to attend two lessons a week during the first two weeks so you know how to continue practicing with your dog since they will still be home with you between sessions.

This program includes 15 sessions.



Program starting at $4500

This program offers customized behavioral training for dogs, tailored to address individual needs and concerns. It consists of three phases designed to identify triggers, establish foundational obedience, and modify concerning behaviors in real-world scenarios.

Phase One: Trigger Identification

Objective: Identify the triggers or underlying causes of behavioral issues in each dog.

Methodology: Conduct thorough assessments and observations to pinpoint specific triggers.
Analyze environmental factors, past experiences, and individual temperament.

Outcome: Clear understanding of the root cause(s) influencing the dog's behavior.

Phase Two: Foundational Obedience

Objective: Establish foundational obedience skills with focus on distance, duration, and distraction.

Methodology: Implement structured training sessions to instill basic commands and behaviors.
Gradually increase difficulty levels by introducing distance, duration, and distractions.
Outcome: Dogs develop a strong obedience foundation, enabling better control and communication.

Phase Three: Behavioral Modification

Objective: Modify concerning behaviors through behavioral-specific routines and real-world applications.

Methodology: Create customized routines tailored to address identified behavioral issues.
Implement behavior modification techniques in real-life scenarios.
Provide guidance and support to owners for consistent reinforcement.

Outcome: Dogs demonstrate improved behavior and responsiveness in various situations, leading to better integration into their human's lifestyle.

Program Benefits: Individualized approach to meet the unique needs of each dog and owner.
Comprehensive training covering trigger identification, obedience, and behavior modification.
Real-world application ensures sustainable results in day-to-day interactions.
Empowers owners with knowledge and skills to maintain positive behavioral patterns long-term.

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Each of our programs includes training equipment, monthly group sessions and complimentary refresher lessons on basic obedience (come, sit, down, heel and place).

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Sarasota: Testimonials

Jessica Johnson

Behavior Specialist

In 2015, Jessica Johnson embarked on her journey in the world of animal care through a work-study program at her local shelter. Her affinity for the "troubled" dogs, combined with hours spent making them more approachable outside their kennels, laid the foundation for her dedication to the welfare of these animals. Following graduation, she assumed the role of Dog Intake Supervisor at a different facility, where she handled dogs from unknown origins, addressing their basic medical and behavioral needs. Jessica's commitment extended to creating playgroups in the shelter environment, assisting with dog training classes, and refining her skills with the more challenging canine cases.

Her career progressed to Dogs Playing for Life, where Jessica ascended to the Lead Trainer/Education Manager position. Collaborating with a team, she focused on behaviorally modifying dogs at risk of euthanasia in shelter environments, often dealing with dogs with bite histories or fighting backgrounds. In this role, she also mentored and educated shadow students from across the country, imparting valuable handling and training skills to enhance the lives of animals in their care.

Jessica's journey began in a challenging setting, working at a shelter that faced the grim reality of euthanasia for certain dogs based on factors like color or presentation. Despite the emotional stress, she remained steadfast in her commitment to providing the best care for these animals during their final moments.

Growing up surrounded by dogs, Jessica's heart dog, Zeus, holds a special place in her life. Acquiring him as a shy and fearful puppy, their bond developed over time, overcoming challenges and hardships. Zeus recently passed away from cancer, leaving a profound impact on Jessica's life.

Fueling her passion for training and education, Jessica aspires to spread knowledge to aspiring dog trainers. She envisions a future where trainers make a significant impact not only in homes but also in shelter environments. Her message emphasizes that all dogs matter, and she encourages fellow trainers to lend their expertise to those who may be overlooked.

In her pursuit of continuous learning and growth, Jessica advocates for an open-minded approach to training. Acknowledging the diversity of dogs and their individual needs, she emphasizes the importance of understanding various techniques and building a versatile toolkit for success in the ever-evolving field of canine training. Jessica Johnson's professionalism, compassion, and dedication make her a significant asset to the world of canine welfare and training.

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