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ReviveK9 dog training service uses a relationship based methodology that prioritizes deep connections between dogs and their human companions, aiming to create a harmonious and fulfilling partnership.

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“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Orhan Pamuk

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Dog training is more than a program.

Here at ReviveK9 we take a different approach to training, we believe that a strong bond and clear communication are the foundation of successful dog training. Our philosophy centers on building trust, respect, and understanding between dogs and their owners. We know that a happy, well-adjusted dog is one whose needs and instincts are acknowledged and nurtured.

We are more than a one stop shop for dog training! We take a relationship based approach to training and want to continue to see success even after graduation by offering continued training opportunities in a fun and organized way. 

We believe that success in training lies in the journey, progress takes reinforcement and consistency. Training doesn't end at graduation, graduation is just the beginning.

We want to continue to see progress, we go the extra mile and offer regular training opportunities even when graduation is complete!

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Each program includes:


We offer Group Training in the form of Social Club, we meet regularly with our dogs in different dog friendly locations around town. During meetups we will do different activities that promote forward progress in each dog's training journey.


Communication with owners before, during and after training is a crucial part of training staying a success. We want to be there for each one of our clients in times of need, we use a video messenger in order for questions to be asked and updates to be sent.


All training equipment used during training is included in the cost of each program. Training tools are customized according to you and your dogs needs.


Training doesn't end when graduation comes, we want to continue providing opportunity to be better. Even if better means to get better at basic obedience, we offer complimentary refresher lessons for the dogs lifetime.

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