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We help dog owners achieve the relationship they have always wanted with their dog.

Orlando, FL

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Join the Life!

While each of our training programs do start from the beginning and show you and your dog how to achieve your goals, it doesn't end at graduation. We want to accomplish and create new goals through continued training by applying socialization, group sessions, new environments and distractions. 

Each of our program options is a stepping stone into the ReviveK9 life, to ReviveK9 Dog Training Social Club. Each month we hold group sessions doing different types of events, (pack walks, off leash play, social hours, etc.) This way owners and dogs have the opportunity to continue putting their new found life into action, they are able to reinforce training and get to a place in training they never dreamed of!



Learn Alongside Your Dog

Over an 8 week period we will meet for a series of 8 1-hour long private lessons, this is beneficial for dogs who need/want more training than just basic commands. Behavior modification, reactivity and aggression would do wonderfully with this program. We will promote engagement during training and how to keep your dogs focus on you, as we progress through your program we will work on obedience commands and eventually real life application of training.
If your pup is under 5 months we will include one or two puppy sessions to ensure puppy raising is going as smoothly as possible!



In-home Training

This hybrid program offers the Board and Train level of training with the convenience of lessons since you never have to leave your dog.

This program includes two weeks of sessions in your home (5 days a week) where one of our trainers will come to your home to train for a 1-hour session each day. These two weeks will be followed by 5 sessions that follow the traditional lesson schedule of one session per week. 

Schedule: Week one and two in home followed by five lessons with owner and dog. 

We do require owners to attend two lessons a week during the first two weeks so you know how to continue practicing with your dog since they will still be home with you between sessions.

This program includes 15 sessions.



Assistance training

The ReviveK9 Service Dog Training Program specializes in empowering handler and dog teams through comprehensive training, with a particular focus on mobility, autism assist, hearing alert, diabetic alert, seizure alert and cardiac alert. Our program is designed to foster a strong bond between handlers and their service dog companions, ensuring a harmonious and effective partnership.

Program Highlights:

  1. Comprehensive Team Building: Our training program places a significant emphasis on building a strong and cooperative relationship between handlers and their service dogs. We believe that a solid connection is the foundation for successful assistance work.

  2. Specialized Mobility and Stability Assistance Training: ReviveK9 is committed to training dogs for mobility, autism assist, hearing alert, diabetic alert, seizure alert and cardiac alert, addressing specific needs identified during the initial evaluation. Our trainers work closely with both handler and dog to develop targeted skills that mitigate handler's disability, offering increased independence and confidence.

  3. Progressive Phases: The program is structured in progressive phases, starting with foundational obedience in Phase 1, where basic commands and relationship-building take center stage. As participants advance to Phase 2, task training becomes more specialized, focusing on mobility, autism assist, hearing alert, diabetic alert, seizure alert and cardiac alert assistance tailored to individual requirements.

  4. Public Access Training: In Phase 3, our handlers and their dogs undergo Public Access training. This involves real-world scenarios, such as navigating public spaces, stores, and events, ensuring that the team is well-prepared to handle diverse environments while maintaining stability and focus.

  5. Evaluation and Graduation: Throughout the program, evaluations are conducted to assess progress and readiness for the next phase. Upon successful completion of the training program, handlers receive a graduation evaluation, along with a training certificate and a letter of completion, recognizing their dedication and achievements.

  6. Customized Approach in Phase 4: For those requiring additional tasks or specialized training beyond the initial three tasks in Phase 2, our Phase 4 is tailored to meet specific needs. Discussions during the initial evaluation help us understand unique requirements, allowing us to create a customized training plan.

At ReviveK9, we are passionate about transforming the lives of individuals through the power of well-trained service dogs. Our focus on mobility, autism assist, hearing alert, diabetic alert, seizure alert and cardiac alert assistance reflects our commitment to enhancing independence and improving the quality of life for both handlers and their canine companions. Join us on this transformative journey, where each step brings you closer to a more confident and empowered partnership with your service dog.

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Each of our programs includes training equipment, monthly group sessions and complimentary refresher lessons on basic obedience (come, sit, down, heel and place).


Orlando: Testimonials

Moriah Smith

Service Dog Trainer

Moriah Brooks embarked on her journey in service dog training at the age of 10, inspired by her sister life-altering scoliosis surgery. Witnessing her sister's struggle with mobility, Moriah was determined to learn how to train a service dog to restore some of her sister's independence. This early experience ignited a lifelong passion for service dog training.

Growing up on a farm, Moriah honed her skills by training her family's herding dogs alongside her grandfather. Observing her grandfather's compassionate and committed approach to training horses and dogs, even those deemed unredeemable by others, instilled in Moriah the values of love and dedication.

At 15, Moriah began interning with a local dog trainer, gaining expertise in obedience, search and rescue, police K9, and service tasks. Her heart dog, Sprocket, a mini Aussie, played a pivotal role in Moriah's development as a trainer, teaching her the responsibilities and intricacies of the role.

Moriah's goal is to revolutionize the service dog industry, challenging existing laws and stigmas. She aims to enhance legal protection for genuine service dogs and their handlers, establishing higher standards for service dog trainers. Moriah is committed to educating businesses and communities on ADA laws, fostering a better understanding of disabilities and the ways in which dogs can mitigate them.

Looking ahead, Moriah envisions leaving a legacy of improved ADA laws, innovative trained tasks to assist handlers, and a heightened awareness of disabilities and their intersections with canine companionship. Her advice to fellow trainers emphasizes adaptability, honesty, and a profound understanding of the unique dynamics between each dog and handler.

Beyond her work, Moriah's strong faith is a guiding force, with core values rooted in loving others as Christ loves them and approaching everything as an offering unto the Lord. As a trusted advisor in the realm of service dog training, Moriah strives to be worthy of the trust placed in her, recognizing that she holds the key to the independence and safety of those she serves.

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