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Who is ReviveK9?

We realize that the dog training market is overly saturated and we realize that the high quality options for training are limited and difficult to find. In our experience with working for other training companies in a capacity as both employees and even clients, results were spotty and most of the time these trainers had a very shallow understanding about dog training and methods they were applying during their programs.

Dog training shouldn't be cookie cutter, just like human beings are individuals, so are dogs! This also means that just like humans having different learning styles, so do dogs!

That's the foundation of how ReviveK9 was born, we want to set a new standard and while the idea of changing the dog training industry seems too big for most. We want to set the new standard for both our clients and our employees while eventually influencing change for the best within the industry.

With ReviveK9 Dog Training we offer training services to our clients from employees who understand psychology and can give you the "why" behind the methods applied to each dog's individual program.

We factor in individuality which allows us the freedom of offering customized training approaches that cater to a dog's needs and the owners wants.

Our methodology isn't focused on one way of training dogs, we promote relationship building, build our dogs confidence and even the clients confidence as they progress through their programs. Equipment application during each program is presented in a way that educates every owner of the benefits of each option and allows them to select the options they are most comfortable with.

When it comes to dogs, owners deserve to be educated and not left in the dark over the decisions being made on behalf of their four legged companions. ReviveK9's mission is to share our knowledge with dog owners and help them raise the dog they always dreamt of. We are in it for the long haul and can't wait to walk this journey by your side.

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