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Implied Stay

At ReviveK9, we utilize an implied stay in our training.

What does that mean? We build up the reliability in our commands so well that the dog will hold up the stationary command until they are told otherwise.

Why is this important for my dog to learn?

Implied stay can be useful in everyday situations:

  • Asking for a "down" when greeting someone and expecting them to stay in a "down" throughout the entire conversation.

  • Recalling your dog and expecting them to stay by you until you've released them.

  • Heeling your dog and expecting them to hold position until released.

  • Holding "place" while guests come into your home.

All of this can be done through the implied stay once it's implemented in their everyday obedience. It will allow you to be a normal person and keeps you from having to repeat "stay" every 5 seconds.

How do I implement this with my dog? Repetition and returning them back to the requested body position will build the understanding that holding the position of the requested command is implied.

How do I get them to leave the requested command?

Give them a different command or teach them a release word such as "free" or "release".

Good dogs always stay in place until we release them!

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