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Doggie Nap time: Why it’s important 

By Raina Townson

Did you know that puppies sleep more than they are awake in a 24 hour period?

They actually sleep 12-14 hours in a single day.

This is because their body and brain is developing rapidly- especially during their wake periods as they are having many new experiences. It is important that you and your puppy have a routine with nap time factored in.

They will likely take a nap after play time but if they decide they need an unscheduled nap, it is best to let them sleep as long as they need. You might end up with an overstimulated and cranky puppy if you don’t make nap time a priority. Make sure your puppy has a safe and cozy place to nap such as a crate or dog bed where they can nap without interruptions.

Sleep is one of many necessities that will contribute to a happy and healthy growing pup. 

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