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We help dog owners achieve the relationship they have always wanted with their dog.

Tampa Bay, FL

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Join the Life!

While each of our training programs do start from the beginning and show you and your dog how to achieve your goals, it doesn't end at graduation. We want to accomplish and create new goals through continued training by applying socialization, group sessions, new environments and distractions. 
Each of our program options is a stepping stone into the ReviveK9 life, to ReviveK9 Dog Training Social Club. Each month we hold group sessions doing different types of events, (pack walks, off leash play, social hours, etc.) This way owners and dogs have the opportunity to continue putting their new found life into action, they are able to reinforce training and get to a place in training they never dreamed of!



Over an 8 week period we will meet for a series of 8 1-hour long private lessons, this is beneficial for dogs who need/want more training than just basic commands. Behavior modification, reactivity and aggression would do wonderfully with this program. We will promote engagement during training and how to keep your dogs focus on you, as we progress through your program we will work on obedience commands and eventually real life application of training.
If your pup is under 5 months we will include one or two puppy sessions to ensure puppy raising is going as smoothly as possible!


We welcome dogs over 5 months old that need new life brought to their obedience, behaviors and manners. During their 30 day stay, they will live in our home as a family member, our goal is to achieve reliability in basic obedience and bring new manners to everyday life. Over the course of training we will train the dog and then upon transition back into their home we will train the owner how to reinforce and continue progress forward. Our programs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the dog and we will do complementary refresher lessons on basic obedience commands.
The following 30 day transition back into your home will include additional lessons as needed



This hybrid program offers the Board and Train level of training with the convenience of lessons since you never have to leave your dog.
This program includes three weeks of sessions in your home (5 days a week) where one of our trainers will come to your home to train for a 1-hour session each day. The schedule on this program is customizable. 
We do require owners to attend two lessons a week so you know how to continue practicing with your dog since they will still be home with you between sessions.
This program includes 15 sessions.

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Each of our programs includes training equipment, monthly group sessions, complimentary refresher lessons on basic obedience and are also available via video chat for questions and updates.

Tampa Bay: About Me


Owner and Trainer

Introducing Coreena, the visionary founder and lead dog trainer of ReviveK9, whose lifelong dedication to animals has shaped a remarkable journey from the ranches of Oregon to the service of the US Coast Guard and, ultimately, to the realm of professional dog training.

Growing up on her grandparents' ranch, Coreena's childhood was steeped in the world of animals, fostering an early connection that would define her life's calling. Volunteer work at a local animal hospital solidified her passion, leading her to aspire to become a veterinarian.

However, fate had a different plan.

After joining the US Coast Guard with aspirations of blending her love for photography with military service, an unforeseen injury altered Coreena's course. During challenging times, her unit introduced her to the Station Mascot, Gibbet, a pivotal presence that reignited her passion for animals. Amidst the demanding responsibilities of a Search and Rescue Unit, Gibbet became a beacon of joy on dark days, reminding Coreena of the profound impact animals can have.

Inspired by this newfound calling, Coreena delved into service animal work, volunteering with organizations dedicated to training service dogs. The experience ignited a passion for dog training that she couldn't ignore. While attending college, Coreena seized an opportunity to become a Professional Dog Trainer, marking a transformative chapter in her life.

Immersing herself in the world of dog training, Coreena became a voracious learner, devouring books, podcasts, audiobooks, and engaging in forums to deepen her understanding of all facets of canine behavior. Years of dedication, coupled with invaluable experiences working alongside talented trainers, led to the birth of ReviveK9.

ReviveK9, under Coreena's guidance, stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. From her roots on a ranch to the coast guard and now as the driving force behind ReviveK9, Coreena's journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication in the pursuit of a lifelong calling.

Tampa Bay: About Me


Trainer's Assistant

Meet Melissa, the compassionate and dedicated dog trainer's assistant at ReviveK9, whose journey into the world of canine companionship has been shaped by a deep love for dogs and a commitment to making a positive impact on their lives.

From an early age, dogs have been an integral part of Melissa's life, with family pets serving as her closest companions. She fondly recalls throwing birthday parties for her furry friends, a childhood passion that has evolved into a genuine dedication to working with dogs.

Despite initially venturing into the medical field, Melissa found her true calling in reconnecting with her love for dogs a few years ago. Working with them became a source of joy, turning even the toughest days into better ones. Melissa's realization of the challenges faced by dogs like her current companion, Minnie, inspired her to embark on a mission to educate and support dog owners.

Minnie, with her tumultuous past of four different homes and three different names in just four months, became the catalyst for Melissa's passion for teaching dogs to relax and simply be themselves. Melissa cherishes the transformative moments, like Minnie sticking her head out of the car window for the first time, as she guided her through the process of becoming a well-adjusted and contented canine.

Melissa's aspirations in her training career extend beyond personal growth. She envisions making a positive impact on dog owners, rescues, shelters, and the broader community. Her desire is to contribute to a world where every dog owner is educated about the true responsibilities of dog ownership, fostering strong relationships and reducing the number of dogs in rescues and shelters.

For Melissa, training is not just about imparting knowledge but also about instilling patience and resilience. Her advice to aspiring dog trainers echoes the wisdom of Dory from "Finding Nemo"—"Just keep swimming!"—a testament to her belief in continuous learning and perseverance in the journey of understanding and working with our beloved canine companions. Melissa's passion and dedication shine brightly as she strives to make a positive impact, one paw at a time.

Tampa Bay: About Me


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