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A Partnership with Candid Canine Inc.

Proper training is an essential part of good and responsible animal care, proper training before a dog finds their forever can be crucial in a successful adoption. We are able to do things as simple as assisting rescues with individual dogs to implementing an training program for an entire shelter. 
Our goal is to make each dog's shelter or rescue experience a more positive one where fulfillment is achieved and adoptable dogs are being brought into new homes better behaved. This in turn will result in a much lower return rate due to both dog and new family are happy and at peace in their relationship. 
Our involvement in each dog doesn't stop at graduation, we are able to follow them after adoption at a discounted rate. We care about every dog and want each of them to have a happy life!

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We will spend a minimum of a week visiting with shelters looking to implement new training procedures. Day 1 and 2 we will shadow and see how the shelter currently operating, the rest of our days together will be spent implementing new routines and programs that are the best fit. Examples would be; an enrichment schedule, playgroups, how to efficiently and safely remove dogs from kennels to keep them calm during walks and being handled, how to talk with potential adopters about each dog's needs to find the best match, building a volunteer dog walking program to consistently allow for each dog time out of their kennel every day, and of course training activities. We will cover how to handle behavior issues like resource guarding, kennel stress, dogs that are difficult to walk, etc.
In addition we will implement a program for tracking training progress so everyone is able to pick up with each dog's journey. 
We are very passionate about dogs and love all things shelter dogs! We are excited to show you all the possibilities of giving you the tools and knowledge you need to continue being successful at what you do!

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ReviveK9 partners with Candid Canine Inc. who offers training for dogs in the care of rescues and shelters. This usually comes in the form of regularly scheduled training sessions where we work with individual dogs and their handlers so practice between sessions can help progress these pups forward. 

Occasionally we will do a modified board and train program for the harder cases. 

Our goal of offering this program is to help make dogs in rescue easier to adopt out and reduce returns. Once a dog is adopted out we will follow them into their new home and will be able to teach the new owners how to continue making progress. 

ReviveK9 is here for life and this program allows us to participate from the dogs early days in rescue and follow them through their new adventures. 

This program allows us to offer our services at a 50% discount to state approved nonprofits and rescues.   

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