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Nail Trimming

Nail trims can be a scary experience for some dogs. Extreme reactions to nail trims are often due to a lack of proper socialization with clippers/grinders as a young dog or a bad experience during a nail trim.

So what are the solutions?

  1. Desensitize your dog to nail trimmers. When desensitizing a dog to something, you want to break the process down into as many small steps as possible so your dog can be successful. Pick the trimmers up and put them back down, reward. Touch your dog's feet, reward. Turn the trimmers on and off, reward. Touch the trimmers to your dog’s feet and put them away, reward. Repetition in short sessions.

  2. Find an alternative means to get the end result of shortened nails. Walk on concrete more or, my favorite, a scratchboard. Shaping is the best training method for this. Get a clipboard/plank and attach a sheet of sandpaper to it. I use 80 grit for large dogs. Teach your dog to scratch the board on command and ta-da! You’ve taught your dog to trim their own nails!

Cooperative care is imperative when it comes to taking care of our best friends.

Lewis struggled with having his nails trimmed until Catey introduced him to the scratchboard!

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