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Kennels are a training tool and just like every other training device, if the equipment is not introduced and used properly to help your dog thrive, then a negative association can be made.

Overwhelming Situations

If your dog is unable to handle a situation, there is nothing wrong with putting your dog in a kennel so they are safe. This safe space can come in handy with their fear of fireworks, storms or construction, group gatherings in the home, and over-exhaustion. You can also use a kennel for break times- especially for puppies as sleep-deprived dogs tend to get mouthy and grumpy.


Kennels can additionally be used for negative punishment. Should you scream at, drag, and throw your dog in the kennel? Absolutely not! Punishment does NOT equal abuse or neglect and shouldn’t be scary. It can be frustrating when your dog is shredding everything or is on a terror streak. For their safety and your ability to mentally calm down before addressing the situation, put them in their kennel with a treat, clean up, and try free roaming time again later.


Enforcing kennel perimeters is very important to help establish and maintain, with everyone in the home, so that the dog can feel comfortable and safe when in their safe space. This especially applies to children and other pets!

Stressful Events

Instilling their comfortability within a kennel is especially helpful when chaotic situations arise- big or small.

For example:

  • Thunderstorms are often troublesome for canines. Providing them access to their kennel will help to ease their nerves.

  • During a hurricane evacuation, taking your dog with you will be much easier if they find comfort while in their kennel. Many evacuation centers and hotels will not only require that your dog is kenneled but will prefer that they are quiet and relatively calm.

Kennels don't have to be intimidating or scary!

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