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Dog Food

Dog food manufacturers aren't always considering our dog's best interest. Oftentimes, they will use marketing ploys and higher percentages to appeal to us as dog owners.

For instance:

  1. Companies use the nutritional numbers from BEFORE they cook the food- FOUR times! This means that your dog is definitely NOT getting all the nutrients the bag/ can lists. Heat will cook vitamins, minerals, and healthy bacteria out of food.

  2. Kibble isn't naturally greasy. This ingredient is added at the end of the process to make it more palatable to your dog but it doesn't actually provide any nutritional benefit.

  3. No one protein is hypoallergenic over another. Dog food companies will claim that their food contains a protein that your dog won't be allergic to. Now that may be true for a time but dogs, like us, can develop allergies down the line. For example, lamb was considered a hypoallergenic protein until more and more manufacturers started to produce foods containing lamb. Now, like chicken and beef, it is often found on a dog's allergy test results.

  4. Kibble manufacturers only have to pass two tests to put their food on the shelf:

    1. foodborne labs to check for any bad bacteria.

    2. Only ten dogs must eat the food over a 6 month time period without any decline in their health for it to pass inspection.

Always be sure to do your research on a brand of food before you feed it to your furry family member!

What we feed our dogs is important!

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