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Choosing the Right Kibble

By Melissa Grasso

One of the biggest questions that I have encountered while working in the pet industry is

“what type of food should I feed to my dog?” Most dog owners choose to feed kibble for

many reasons, but the main reason being cost. First and foremost, make sure that your

dog’s food meets the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials)


One thing that you will want to look at when choosing the right kibble is your dog! What

breed, activity level, any types of allergies or sensitivities, and if there are any medical

problems that require a special diet. A higher quality dry dog food that contains the

appropriate ingredients for your dog’s life stage and breed is the best choice. If you are

unsure, check with your vet!

The six basic nutrients that your dog needs are water, proteins, fats,

carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins! With that being said, your dog should have

a well balanced meal, just as we would. Their meal should include high-quality

versions of meat, vegetables, grains, and fruits! When looking at the ingredients,

they are listed by order of weight. Each ingredient is weighed when it is added to the

batch of food, and ingredients such as fresh meat contain a lot of water, much of which

is lost during processing. This means that a dry diet that lists corn as the first ingredient

may be nutritionally superior to one listing meat first. Keep in mind that not every dog

has the same nutritional needs.

When it comes to feeding, it is important to select a low-calorie diet! Your dog's diet

should contain a relatively small number of calories per cup; ideally less than 350

calories. High-calorie foods mean even a few extra kibbles can really pack on the


The differences between a premium food and budget food are not found on the nutrition

label; they are found in the quality and source of ingredients.The best advice you can

receive about feeding your dog is this: feed your dog the highest-quality food you can

afford! Select diets with real, recognizable, whole-food ingredients- If the majority of

listed ingredients is unfamiliar to you, find another kibble!

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