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Cats & Dogs

They can live harmoniously together! Will they be besties immediately? Probably not.

By establishing limitations from the start, you can create a safe space for both species to cohabitate comfortably. This typically isn't one of those "skip to the good part" situations and will require time and patience.

How do you make it work?

  • Start by placing the dog, or the cat, in a crate. This will allow the other species to explore freely and safely. - You will likely need to tether your dog to ensure that chasing activities don't ensue.

  • After allowing both some time to sniff around and check out the new digs, safely swap who is in the kennel. - This means leashing your pup or removing them to a separate room. The key to the swap is being calm and having positive control of your dog.

  • This entire process will need to be repeated over a few days.

  • After the situation has graduated, always make sure you enforce boundaries for each pet. This will help form a healthy relationship between each animal.

A bestie bond will NOT happen over-night, so it’s best not to rush either pet.

Best friends in the making.

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