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Brain Games

Dogs need a healthy balance of both physical and mental stimulation to feel fulfilled. Oftentimes, mental stimulation activities wear a dog out much faster than physical activities. For a dog, 15 minutes of scent work can be equivalent to 1 hour of walking around the neighborhood!

Stimulating Ideas

These are just a small variety of mental stimulation activities that we encourage you to try with your dog:

  • Snuffle mats

  • Use the attached fabric to hide food or treats

  • Slow-feeding bowls

  • Add water or broth to food

  • Can be frozen for a longer activity

  • Fillable toys

  • Layer different ingredients to keep your pup's interest

  • Can be frozen for a longer activity

  • Scatter feeding

  • Toss a handful of dog food or treats onto the ground

  • This works very well in grassy areas but can be done in various rooms of your home.

  • Lure course

  • Puzzles

  • There are varying levels of difficulty- beginner to expert

  • Sniffari's

  • Different from your typical walk as with this activity, you let them sniff all the smells.

  • Shredding safe and appropriate items while supervised

  • Heads of lettuce, paper towel rolls, and toilet paper rolls can all be great options.

Be sure to check out Filling Ideas and Safe & Non-Safe Foods for information about the importance of stimulation and to learn more about fun and safe foods for your dog.

Galaxy loves to spend her downtime with a filled Kong!

Galaxy is available for adoption through FLUFF Animal Rescue.

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