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Barking, yipping, awoo-ing, and baying- it's all NORMAL!

Why do they bark? The reason is dependent on the situation. They could be alerting, fearful, breed characteristic, excitement, drive leakage, or sometimes just to hear themselves talk.

How do I get my dog to stop barking? You can't completely stop their barking BUT you can limit when it happens. To do this, reward the quiet! Work on impulse control, counter conditioning, and desensitizing their triggers. Acknowledge the moments when they aren't barking and it will soon make quiet time appealing.

The key is to pay special attention to your dog when they’re not doing anything- not just when they’re doing something wrong.

Don't let the crazy look fool you. This dog was having a blast training with Coreena!

PHOTO CREDIT: Dog Photographer of Tampa Bay

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