Program starting at $3000


ReviveK9 is here for you! We offer specialized training for dogs with the more severe behavior issues by finding positive outlets for frustration, increasing communication, promoting structure, instilling routines that prevent the rehearsal of behavior.

This option is for dogs with a bite history, aggression, severe separation anxiety, reactivity, guarding, frustration, etc. This is for those dogs that need a bit more training then your typical pup. 

This option requires an in person consultation with Catey, our Aggression Specialist. During this in person session a thorough history will be taken, past experiences will be discussed, we will be taking a nose dive to get to the core of these issues your experiencing.

At the end of the session we will have drawn up a tentative custom training plan as the first steps to a better and happier life with your canine companion. 

Example of custom program: 

One week day training sessions (dog is picked up by trainer at the beginning of the day and dropped off at the end) followed by in home sessions. As progress is being made we will switch to hourly sessions in a safe public place like a local park to continue moving forward. 

The nature of this kind of dog training has no concept of time, we have created this program in order to allow for enough time between you, your dog and your trainer to accomplish everything necessary. This is a hybrid program and no two will be the same.