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Program starting at $4500

ReviveK9 is here for you! We offer specialized training for dogs with the more severe behavior issues by finding positive outlets for frustration, increasing communication, promoting structure, instilling routines that prevent the rehearsal of behavior.

This option is for dogs with a bite history, aggression, severe separation anxiety, reactivity, guarding, frustration, etc. This is for those dogs that need a bit more training then your typical pup. 

An in person evaluation required. During this in person session a thorough history will be taken, past experiences will be discussed, we will be taking a nose dive to get to the core of these issues you're experiencing. At the end of the session we will have drawn up a tentative custom training plan as the first steps to a better and happier life with your canine companion. 

Here is a list of training topics we cover for every program:

-Every program includes basic obedience

-Advanced obedience (Sit, down, place, recall, heel with DDD) 

-Confidence through obedience

-Home Door Routine

-Neutrality training for triggers

-Muzzle acclimation

-Finding behavioral outlets for each individual dog (play, enrichment, exercise, etc)

-Additional things for specific issues (Dog Socials for dog on dog issues/frustrated dogs, how to appropriately play with your dog for frustrated dogs, food routines/counter conditioning for resource guarding, custom meet and greet routines for stranger danger)

The length of each program depends on the issues and amount of focus spent on training between sessions, you can expect this program to be about 20 sessions. 

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